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Creative Team Connections puts the  Fun and Excitement into your next Team Building Event.

Hi.  I'm Bonnie Pisik and for over nine years I've been developing and leading original team-building projects that focus on connection, creativity, and fun!

My workshops emphasize the joy and empowerment that come from experimentation, risk taking and playfulness.  

I believe we are all born with a creative spark, a sense of wonder and limitless imagination.

I grew up acting, singing and performing on stage. After majoring in 

Communications at Southern Illinois University I had the privilege of studying improv at Second City in Chicago. 

During my professional career I've produced corporate theatre, video presentations, and training & motivational films. 

Through the years, I've taught theater, music and art and am currently the Creative Specialist, leading my art and improv workshops at Miraval Resorts in Tucson, Az.

These experiences are the foundation for my of my creative Workshops. By unleashing and embracing our individual creative spirit, we can bring spontaneity, fun, beauty and laughter into our everyday lives.

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